Monday, August 2, 2010

Empire Avenue Putting a price on your online popularity.


Empire Avenue

Putting a price on your online popularity
Social networks often leave users in an arms race stockpiling friends by reaching out to people they hardly know, like elementary school classmates, or...Dad? Creating a stock market on the show: Empire Avenue.

Fashioning itself as a "stock exchange of friends", this just-launched Canadian marketplace uses an array of methods to determine your personal value in the realm of social media, then allows others to buy or sell virtual shares in your future online worth/popularity in hopes of improving their own, a process that, similar to high school, should involve lots of inside-her trading. Pick a ticker name and link up your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) and EA'll use a super-secret proprietary formula -- factoring in everything from your activity level to the scope of your reach (i.e., friends, followers...) -- to determine your value in a super-cool-sounding virtual currency called "Eaves"; you’ll also be auto-awarded a bank of seed Eaves with which to buy up other people -- choose wisely, or it'll beyou in the cellar. You garner mores Eaves every time someone buys stock in you, plus you'll bank daily dividends on the stocks you own (if they're particularly profitable your personal stock price'll go up too); potential investments can be screened by wealth, share value, or daily change, and every user’s profile includes deets on their recent share price fluctuation, latest daily earnings, and additional stuff like their number of Facebook friends and how frequently they Tweet, which is totally for losers! (P.S. follow @Thrillist).

In the coming months they're planning to roll outa rewards program allowing "influential" users to redeem their virtual currency for discounts on partnered brands & advertisers most relevant to them, hopefully in time for...Father's Day?
See if it pays to be your friend at

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